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TCA Plan 3


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Plan 3 - Layout Coverage 

This plan excludes rolling stock, which can be covered under the Inventory Plan or the Blanket Plan.

Easy to apply for coverage 

Simply complete the application on our website, attach Inventory (Schedule) if applying for Inventory Coverage, to J. A. Bash & Company, 300 Mt. Lebanon Blvd., Suite 225 Pittsburgh, PA 15234-1509) with a check for the annual premium and the NMRA Fee.  The policy can be issued upon receipt of the completed application and payment of premium.

We advise you to examine the policy carefully for precise definitions, limitations, exclusions and cancellation provisions.

The wording of this or any brochure is not intended to represent the specific terms of any Peerless Insurance policy.

If you have questions, please call 1-800-654-2256.  We are able to assist you in tailoring your coverage to meet your needs.  Remember the plan is very flexible and can provide you with proper protection.

TCA Application


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